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Drowning in a Bucket: Nonrecourse Loans for Litigants

Ronen Avraham & Anthony Sebok, An Empirical Investigation of Third Party Consumer Litigant Funding, 104 Cornell L. Rev. __ (forthcoming), available at SSRN. Eyal Zamir Contracting parties often suffer from information problems, lack of expertise, and limited cognitive abilities. They … Continue reading

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Kentucky Fried Justice: Court Dismisses KFC Bucket Dispute

A New York District Court dismissed the complaint of Anna Wurtzburger against fast food staple KFC over the size of KFC’s $20 “fill up” bucket. Wurtzburger alleged she purchased KFC’s “fill up” bucket meal advertised as consisting of “an eight … Continue reading

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Getting Tax Cut Benefits to Those Who Need Economic Relief: A Drop in the Bucket But Never a Flood

A reader pointed me to a Detroit Free Press article explaining that the Michigan Public Service Commission has directed regulated public utilities to analyze the impact of the recently enacted federal income tax cuts on their financial position and to … Continue reading

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We're not gonna need a bigger bucket: lawsuit against KFC dismissed

Wurtzburger v. Kentucky Fried Chicken, No. 16-CV-08186, 2017 WL 6416296 (S.D.N.Y. Dec. 13, 2017)Wurtzburger sued KFC for alleged violations of General Business Law §§ 349, 350 and 21 C.F.R. § 100.100 by misleading consumers into believing that KFC’s buckets of … Continue reading

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