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Smollett’s Attorneys Sued For Defamation — Chicago Defamation Libel and Slander Attorneys Near Oak Brook and Naperville

Smollett’s Alleged Attackers Sue His Attorneys for Defamation The case of the alleged attack against Jussie Smollett continues to get even more strange. After an outpouring of love and support following an allegedly racist and homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett … Continue reading

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Union Tank v. NuDevco Partners — Lease Guaranty Agreement Not Covered by the UCC Appellate Court Rules — Chicago Uniform Commercial Code Attorneys Near Oak Brook

When a holding company guaranteed lease that a subsidiary assumed for railcars, and then failed to honor guaranty when subsidiary defaulted on the lease, judgment in favor of railcar supplier was affirmed. The appellate panel found that the holding company’s … Continue reading

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Are Anti-Poaching Agreements on the Way Out? — Elmhurst and Oak Brook Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers

A free market requires a free labor market, and yet many of the politicians who claim a free market as a central component of our democracy actively work against the formation and maintenance of a free labor market. A free … Continue reading

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Brook Blevins’s refreshing new book, A History of the Ozarks, Volume 1, The Old Ozarks

Brooks Blevins has given us a fresh and refreshing new look at the early history of the Ozarks in the first volume of A History of the Ozarks, published in July 2018 by the University of Illinois Press. I bought … Continue reading

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The Termination of a Father’s Parental Rights Based on Depravity — Oak Brook Attorneys Who Protect the Rights of Fathers in Family Law Disputes

A recent ruling in the Illinois Appellate Court decided the controversial issue if a father was an unfit parent and should have his parental rights terminated. The minor child A.F., allegedly suffered a fracture to her right femur and her … Continue reading

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