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Content Moderation is Broken. Let Us Count the Ways.

Social media platforms regularly engage in “content moderation”—the depublication, downranking, and sometimes outright censorship of information and/or user accounts from social media and other digital platforms, usually based on an alleged violation of a platform’s “community standards” policy. In recent … Continue reading

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Costa Cruises Evacuates Passenger With Broken Leg

ArabianIndustry.com reports a French passenger was removed from the Costa Luminosa with a broken leg while the cruise ship was traveling in the Red Sea. Costa Luminosa is one of the Costa Cruises fleet vessels, an Italian cruise line owned … Continue reading

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Carnival Cruise Line Bans Guests Caught in a Broken Elevator

A reader of Cruise Law News sent this link to me today. It seems that after an elevator malfunctioned on the Carnival Inspiration last weekend, with five guests inside, Carnival handled the situation poorly according to the comments posted online. … Continue reading

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How to Fix a Broken Estate Plan

By Bernard A. Krooks, Esq., Littman Krooks LLP Recently, we discussed the challenges one might face if they decided to write their own will.  We pointed out numerous things that could go wrong and the fact that lawyers do much … Continue reading

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Brain Death Is Broken Status Shift and Implications

It was a pleasure to discuss "Brain Death Is Broken Status Shift and Implications" with participants at the 25th Healthcare Ethics Consortium at Emory University today. Read more detail on Recent Health Care Law posts –

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