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NAAC competition: Top briefs, top advocates, and who’s moving on to the finals

The six regional rounds of the 2019 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC) are in the books. Here are the results and the teams who will be coming to Chicago from April 11-13 to compete for the national title in … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Shortlister Judge Kethledge Has Read The Knick Briefs: "[T]he Takings Clause does not say that private property shall not 'be taken for public use, without just compensation, and without a remedy in state court.'"

It wasn't going to be too hard to figure out what the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit was going to do in Lumbard v. City of Ann Arbor, No. 18-1258 (Jan. 10, 2018). After all, the case … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up 2018, And Previewing 2019's Most Important Case: Final Briefs In Knick v. Township Of Scott

We're going to end 2018 with the latest in what we think was the most important issue of the past year (and which, we predict, will be the most important case in takings law for at least a decade when … Continue reading

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Healthcare: Clew Snaps Up Key Health Briefs (RedNova)

Clew Communications, the specialist healthcare shop run by former Guardian journalist Chris Mihill, has scooped three accounts – including one with Novartis for its new osteoporosis drug Aclasta. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Health Law

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IPR Reply Briefs: Drawing the Line Between “Responsive” and “New”

Ericsson Inc. v. Intellectual Ventures I LLC, Fed. Cir. (Aug. 27, 2018) 37 C.F.R. § 42.23(b) limits a petitioner’s inter partes review (“IPR”) reply papers to arguments raised by the patent owner in its opposition. Under this rule, a petitioner … Continue reading

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