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Zotero bibliographies in Bluebook format

New! ZoteroBib is a new free, tool from the makers of Zotero. It’s like EasyBib but quicker, more powerful, and sans the obnoxious ads. As you’re researching, just enter in your url, isbn, doi, etc., and click cite. It automatically … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Have a Free Bluebook App?

by Christine Minhee Imagine a monastery for luddites. Outside: brain implants reverse paralysis, gene therapies cure inherited diseases, and self-driving trucks deliver personal quantum computers purchased using payments authorized by face-scanning technologies. Inside: bunioned academics with chips on their shoulders … Continue reading

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Rejecting a Citation Example from the Bluebook

The current edition of the Bluebook uses the following example to illustrate Rule 1.6(c). If you have a current Bluebook nearby, you can find this example at the bottom of page 61: Milnot Co. v. Richardson, 350 F. Supp. 221… … Continue reading

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The Bluebook Comes to China

Donald Clarke (Geo. Washington), Chinese Law Prof Blog, has the story. [JH] Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Law Librarians

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