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Attorneys Argue Blame Over Devastating GA Truck Crash, as Trial Opens

   Stock image.  Dalton, GA— Attorneys Tuesday debated who caused the 2016 crash that catastrophically injured a Georgia man’s legs, as trial began against a freight company and a pickup truck driver involved in the accident. Monroe v. Lane's Equipment … Continue reading

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Is Interference from Over Agressive Noncompete Litigation to Blame for Slow Wage Growth?

Despite a strong jobs report on May 3, 2019, wage growth continues to be a disappointment. See Axios post, “The Mystery of Sluggish Wages.” I don’t have all the answers, but I can point to at least a partial explanation … Continue reading

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Blame Game in U.K. Divorce

From Bloomberg: London courts have long been home to some of the world’s most expensive and acrimonious divorces. Celebrities and scores of wealthy bankers have been caught up in ugly courtroom battles that have — at least in part –… … Continue reading

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Complications in Hospital Childbirth: Are Mothers to Blame?

Ample data suggests that America is the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world. But while concerned parents blame our health care system and, more specifically, the medical professionals directly involved in childbirth, the medical community has … Continue reading

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Jury Awards $50K at Trial Over Smoker's Death, Pins Only 20% of Blame on Philip Morris

    West Palm Beach, FL—Jurors cleared Philip Morris of the bulk of responsibility for the death of a South Florida smoker, which potentially slashes the $50,000 award they handed down last week. Frogel v. Philip Morris, 2007-CA-023246.  Read more … Continue reading

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