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Report Shows Austin Police More Likely to Stop Black and Hispanic Drivers

The Austin Police Department recently released a racial profiling report indicating that when police officers pulled over black and Hispanic drivers in 2018, they were twice as likely to search them and their vehicles for contraband, as compared to white … Continue reading

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ISO Issues Method to Quantify Air Concentrations of Carbon Black and Amorphous Silica in the Nanoparticle Size Range in a Mixed Dust Manufacturing Environment

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published standard ISO/TS 21361:2019, “Nanotechnologies — Method to quantify air concentrations of carbon black and amorphous silica in the nanoparticle size range in a mixed dust manufacturing environment.”  The standard provides guidelines to … Continue reading

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The Black Box of College Admissions

A recent federal case indicting dozens of wealthy parents for college admissions fraud has sparked a national conversation about the opportunity gap between wealthy and low-income applicants to U.S. colleges and universities. But the problem goes much deeper than wealth … Continue reading

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Paper – The Marginalization of Black Aspiring Lawyers

Aaron N. Taylor, The Marginalization of Black Aspiring Lawyers, 13 FIU L. Rev. 489 (2019). Available at: https://ecollections.law.fiu.edu/lawreview/vol13/iss3/8 “This paper argues that Black people who aspire to be lawyers endure marginalized existences, which span the law school admission process through … Continue reading

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"Marijuana Legalization: Dealing with the Black Market"

The title of this post is the title of a presentation to be made by one of my students in my Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform seminar this coming week. Here is part of his explanation of his topic and … Continue reading

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