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Got Soy Beverage?

Almond water. Oat drink. Soy beverage. You may see these products and other similar items coming soon to a grocery store near you. About one-third of all U.S. households buy some form of plant-based “milk.” These plant-based alternatives account for … Continue reading

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A budding investment – food and beverage investment opportunities and strategic partnerships in the growing cannabis industry

In December of 2018, Health Canada introduced draft regulations governing the production and sale of additional cannabis products, namely edibles, extracts, and topicals (the Cannabis 2.0 regulations). These regulations are set to take effect no later than October 17, 2019 … Continue reading

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TTB Issues New Proposed Rulemaking for Alcoholic Beverage Advertising

Late last month, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (the “TTB”) announced several proposed changes to federal rules that govern the advertising and labeling of alcoholic beverages. The proposed rule changes were announced through publication of a rulemaking … Continue reading

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The TTB is Watching – Beverage Community Asked to Self-Report Violations

As the TTB enters a more user-friendly phase with its updated online registration portal, it is important to remember that it remains an enforcement arm of the federal government for the beverage alcohol community. In a somewhat ominous circular, the … Continue reading

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A Flight Attendant’s Broken Leg from an Uncontrolled Beverage Cart is Just the Latest Reminder of the Potential Dangers in the Air

Stories in the news can remind us of many important things. A recent headline and story from England once again highlights the fact that being a member of an airline cabin crew can be a dangerous job. According to an … Continue reading

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