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Search the list of more than 30,000 police officers banned by 44 states.

A USA TODAY Network investigation uncovered records of thousands of police officers investigated for serious misconduct. “…we’re releasing a searchable database of the most cut-and-dried cases of troubled cops—30,000 officers from 44 states who were decertified by state oversight agencies. Decertification … Continue reading

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Kentucky Just Banned Abortion

Two new laws passed this week are part of coordinated effort to ban abortion nationwide. The Kentucky Legislature passed two bills on this week, and unless a court blocks them, abortion will effectively be banned in the state. One bill, passed … Continue reading

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Should Lawmakers be Banned from Participating on Public Company Boards? Not Necessarily

Following Democratic control of the House, a new resolution was passed in January as a means to limit lawmakers’ control over public companies. Specifically, the resolution amended the Rules of the House of Representatives to ban House lawmakers’ membership on … Continue reading

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Cruise Lines Have Zero Tolerance Policy on Marijuana, Illegal Drugs and Banned Substances

Recent cruise ship news headlines have featured drug busts. Remember the two British senior citizens who were smuggling roughly 20 pounds of cocaine on a Marco Polo cruise ship around the Caribbean? Or the 14 passengers who were waiting to … Continue reading

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Transgender Discrimination Banned in California, Even if Federal Protections Are Shaky

If you are a transgender person living in America today, chances are you have some grave concerns about the current political climate – specifically with regard to transgender discrimination in the workplace. As longtime Los Angeles gender discrimination attorneys, it’s … Continue reading

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