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Citing Third Party Disclosure, Court Rules Attorney-Client Privilege does not Protect Certain Emails

Communications between attorneys and their clients are generally thought to be confidential under the protection of attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine.  On May 6, 2019, however, the United States District Court Southern District of New York ruled that attorney-client … Continue reading

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Legal Intelligencer: Attorney-Client Privilege and Abuse of Privilege

In the April 11, 2019 edition of The Legal Intelligencer, Edward Kang, Managing Member of KHF wrote “Attorney-Client Privilege and Abuse of Privilege.” The attorney-client privilege, the oldest evidentiary privilege known to the common law, is an exception to one … Continue reading

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The Crime-Fraud Exception to the Attorney-Client Privilege: A Quick Note

In an earlier post on the scope of Attorney-Client privilege, I briefly mentioned the existence of an exception to the powerful Attorney-Client privileged.  That exception is the Crime-Fraud exception which, if properly invoked, has the ability to totally destroy the … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Attorney-Client Conversations Confidential

Your right to confidentiality is one of your fundamental protections when organizing a defense against a criminal charge. Your attorney cannot discuss any of your private conversations with someone else, even if you confess your guilt. If a defense attorney spoke to … Continue reading

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Attorney-Client Relationship in Family Law Cases

Family law cases are a specific type of civil cases, revolving around issues concerning spouses, parents or children.  In some family law cases, there is no need for a lawyer, such as in an uncontested divorce case when one party … Continue reading

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