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How Sexual Assault Charges Affect Divorce

Sexual assault and rape can exist in the context of a marriage or other relationship. Marriage does not entitle your spouse to have sex with you against your will. Unfortunately, some people do not protect themselves because they do not … Continue reading

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Mishandling of Sexual Assault Claim for 77-year-old Woman

Nursing home abuse and neglect is the focus of Reinan Law. We are dedicated to bringing justice to those who have experienced nursing home abuse and neglect while in the care of nursing home facilities. We are committed to holding … Continue reading

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The Three Biggest Sexual Assault Cases to Hit Texas

We hear about sexual assaults often on the news. Sexual abuse can refer to a variety of actions. Sexual abuse can be a variety of pressures or actions that coerces another person to do things sexually that they didn’t want … Continue reading

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Survey finds extensive evidence of sexual assault and bias against female economists

“The American Economic Association is today releasing results from a survey of current and former members about the professional climate in economics, conducted under the auspices of the AEA’s recently created standing Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Professional Conduct (CEDPC). … Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between Assault and Battery?

Assault generally involves the threat of force or physical harm to another person while battery requires actual physical contact against a person. In North Carolina, these crimes may lead to similar charges and punishments, depending on the specific facts of … Continue reading

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