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A Judge's (Ap)parent Conflicts

The Florida Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee opines ISSUES 1. Whether a judge whose lawyer-parent is no longer associated with former law firm must continue recusing from the law firm’s cases. ANSWER: No. 2. Whether judge whose parent owns building leased… … Continue reading

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Apple closes two Dallas stores in apparent bid to ward off patent litigation

Enlarge / Apple's new store will be at the Galleria Dallas. In addition to being a beautiful mall, it's also outside the reach of the notoriously patent-friendly Eastern District of Texas. (credit: jinjian liang / Flickr) Apple is closing two … Continue reading

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Big Win for the Healthcare Industry on Meal Break Waivers as the California Supreme Court Resolves an Apparent Conflict in the Labor Code and IWC Wage Order

On December 10, the California Supreme Court issued an impactful decision for the healthcare industry. In Gerard v. Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center, the unanimous Court endorsed the Hospitals’ meal break policy, over which the parties had battled for more … Continue reading

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M.D.Ala.: Unmarked pill bottle with apparent crack in it was in plain view during protective sweep after arrest in house

Officers came in defendant’s house with an arrest warrant for cocaine delivery. During a protective sweep, an unmarked pill bottle was seen and picked up. It was immediately apparent to the officers that the contents was likely crack cocaine and … Continue reading

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Takings Ripeness Of Apparent Interest: Eighteen—18!—Amicus Briefs In Knick. Here's Your Rundown.

A quick check of the Supreme Court's docket in the Knick v. Township of Scott case shows that no less than 18 amici briefs have been filed top side. Not all of them in support of the Petitioner mind you … Continue reading

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