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Many employers possess confidential information vital to generating profits. Employers routinely entrust employees with this information to facilitate business operations, but employees often leave their job after a few years to work for a competitor. When this happens, the employee … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Upholds Antitrust Class Action Against Apple

Controversial Trump appointee joined liberal justices to form a 5-4 majority for the plaintiffs. Read more detail on Recent Products Liability posts –

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Antitrust chief discusses antitrust issues related to financial sector at Fordham conference

By E. Darius Sturmer, J.D.Makan Delrahim, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Department of Justice Antitrust Division, delivered a speech at the Fordham University School of Law in New York City discussing the application of the antitrust laws to … Continue reading

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In Praise of Private Antitrust Litigation

Spencer Waller, Loyola is In Praise of Private Antitrust Litigation. ABSTRACT: In 2017, Professor Alexandra Lahav of the University of Connecticut School of Law published an impressive book entitled In Praise of Litigation. She argues that private civil litigation in… … Continue reading

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Fiona Scott Morton on The Antitrust Paradigm: Restoring a Competitive Economy

Fiona M. Scott Morton Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics Yale University School of Management pr(find B when G) * ΔC pr(find G when B) * ΔP false positives false negatives Old world > always! New evidence << Why? ΔC much… … Continue reading

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