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Another Way Florida Child Support Can Last After Age 18: Unallocated Child Support

Recently, this blog touched upon some of the circumstances in which a parent’s child support obligation might continue even after the child has turned 18. Some of those scenarios included things like a child who’s on track for graduating high … Continue reading

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BLM Loses Another Case Regarding Energy Development on Federal Lands

Earlier this week, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals partially reversed a district court decision, and ordered the Bureau of Land Management to vacate the NEPA approvals and permits it had issued authorizing the drilling of a number of fracked … Continue reading

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Oregon Another Step Closer to a Gross Receipts Tax Funding Public Education

Last night, Oregon’s Joint Committee on Student Success passed House Bill 3427, which raises about $2 billion over the next biennium to improve the state’s public school system. The improvements will be funded via a gross receipts tax, entitled the … Continue reading

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Ooooh! We get to break *another* "Embargo

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I would now be routinely breaking so-called "embargoes" foisted upon us by self-important PR flacks:"We occasionally get "Embargoed" news releases from various sources, none of which are very interesting, but all of which apparently … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Deals Another Blow to Class Arbitration of Employment Claims

A class action allows a plaintiff to sue not only on his own behalf, but also on behalf of others similarly affected by a defendant’s misconduct. In the employment context, for example, plaintiffs can bring class actions against employers for … Continue reading

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