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Should instruction hearings and/or court-mediated settlement talks be public?

×Reading time: 3 minutes The FPC has attempted from the very beginning to settle its cases by compromise; see e.g. the Annual Report 2013 (p 6, left col): The Federal Patent Court sees itself as a service provider to the … Continue reading

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Ten Things to Consider and Look For in Your ERISA Life and/or Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance Plans When Selecting Benefits or You Want to File a Claim

1. Obtain a full copy of your plan. The full plan will not typically be a benefit summary or a print-out from a website. It will be fairly long and many definitions and it will recite your ERISA plan terms, … Continue reading

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An employee serving a probationary period bears the burden of establishing that his or her "dismissal was due to causes unrelated to work performance and/or improperly motivated"

In York v McGuire, 63 NY2d 760, the Court of Appeals set out the basic rule concerning the dismissal of probationary employees as follows: “After completing his or her minimum period of probation* and prior to completing his or her maximum … Continue reading

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Modifying Your Florida Parenting Plan Because Your Child’s Other Parent is Abusing Alcohol and/or Drugs

For most any parent, the best interest of their child is paramount in their mind. This concern can take on a whole other level of intensity if your child’s other parent is experiencing problems with alcohol or drug abuse. If … Continue reading

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