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AmEx had no duty to update investors about contract negotiations

By Anne Sherry, J.D. The Second Circuit agreed with a district court that American Express did not violate the securities laws by making—or failing to update—certain statements about its relationship with Costco. After AmEx ended its co-branding agreement with Costco … Continue reading

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In Apple v Pepper, SCOTUS leaves home without its Amex

It might surprise some readers to learn that we think the Court’s decision today in Apple v. Pepper reaches — superficially — the correct result. But, we hasten to add, the Court’s reasoning (and, for that matter, the dissent’s) is … Continue reading

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Zamansky LLC Investigates American Express Co. (AmEx) for Small Business Cardholders With Foreign-Currency Transactions

The law firm is investigating a potential class action on behalf of AmEx cardholders who are small or mid-sized business which were allegedly over-charged on foreign currency transactions.  If you are a small or mid-sized business owner recruited by AmEx, … Continue reading

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My SEC-Submitted Comment to the NYSE Amex Seasoning Proposal

Yesterday I submitted a comment to the NYSE Amex's proposed "seasoning" of reverse merged companies on the over-the-counter markets. See prior posts for more details. You can find the comment (it is the only comment to the proposal and the … Continue reading

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Deuda Tarjetas de Servicio y Credito AMEX

Lamentablemente tuve un atraso en mi pagos debido a situaciones fuera d e mi control, fui cliente de amex mas de 10 años, y bueno cai en incumplimiento, tenia 2 tarjetas una de servicios y otra de credito, y bueno … Continue reading

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