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Examining state medical marijuana programs and historic links to alcohol prohibition

A set of students in my Marijuana Law, Policy & Reform seminar are taking a deep dive into state medical marijuana programs this coming week. Here is how they explain their planned presentation and links to some background reading: For … Continue reading

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Parents Sue Four Seasons, Bartender After Daughter Dies With 0.5 Blood Alcohol

Read Original Story HERE When she died alone in her hotel room after her father’s birthday party, Autumn Rupkey’s blood alcohol level was nearly 0.5—more than five times the legal limit in Texas. “I have never seen a case with … Continue reading

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Providing Alcohol to Minors

The penalties for individuals who provide or sell alcohol to minors, or persons under the age of 21, can be harsh. Making alcohol available to minors is a Class A misdemeanor offense. Conviction on a Class A misdemeanor can result … Continue reading

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[Eugene Volokh] “Your Honor, My Stomach Just Naturally Produced Alcohol”

"Auto-brewery syndrome" (or "gut fermentation syndrome") is apparently a thing — but, the Maine high court says, the judge permissibly excluded a particular expert who wanted to testify this thing might have happened in this case.From State v. Burbank, decided … Continue reading

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Iowa Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

By Joseph Rust Ordering and administrating a drug or alcohol test on an employee or prospective employee is not as straightforward as one might expect. An employer cannot simply order a test on an employee for suspected drug use but … Continue reading

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