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Age, race and gender may affect the likelihood of pain treatment

It can be tough to get someone to believe in your chronic pain. The only one who is experiencing it is you—and it’s probably completely invisible to others. When the person who doesn’t believe you is your doctor, you may … Continue reading

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How Sexual Assault Charges Affect Divorce

Sexual assault and rape can exist in the context of a marriage or other relationship. Marriage does not entitle your spouse to have sex with you against your will. Unfortunately, some people do not protect themselves because they do not … Continue reading

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How Does Patent Eligibility Affect Investment?

David Taylor (SMU) was interested in how patent eligibility decisions at the Supreme Court affected venture investment decisions, so he thought he would ask. He put together an ambitious survey of 14,000 investors at 3000 firms, and obtained some grant … Continue reading

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We’re Still Married But We’ve Been Separated for Years. Does that Affect Property Division in My Colorado Divorce?

By: Jessica A. Saldin In most divorce cases, the parties are either still living together when the case begins or have recently separated.  However, it is also not uncommon for parties to have separated several months, or even years, before … Continue reading

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Will Bankruptcy Affect My Small Business?

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a big step, especially if you own and operate a business. You need to get out from under your debts, some which were directly related to your business, while other debts were strictly personal. … Continue reading

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