Trump Orders New Fees, Adjustments to Asylum Process

The plan could make it impossible for some refugees to even apply for asylum in the U.S. Read more detail on Recent Products Liability posts –

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Official Bankruptcy Forms Revised To Reflect April 1, 2019 Dollar Amount Adjustments Now In Effect

As discussed in an earlier post called “Moving Up: Bankruptcy Code Dollar Amounts Will Increase On April 1, 2019,” various dollar amounts in the Bankruptcy Code and related statutory provisions were increased for cases filed on or after today, April 1, … Continue reading

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Working capital adjustments: lessons from De Santis and Iacobucci v Doublesee Enterprises Inc.

In complex M&A transactions, there could be a significant delay between the initial valuation of a target company and the closing of the deal. As we explained in our previous article, “Net working capital adjustments: what’s the deal?”, parties can … Continue reading

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House Passes Temporary Spending Freeze, Allows Adjustments for Energy Technology

WASHINGTON, D.C.-The House of Representatives Dec. 8 approved a continuing resolution that would freeze spending for discretionary programs in fiscal 2011 but would allow flexibility for the Energy Department to spend more on… Read this entire article for free, simply … Continue reading

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Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Medical malpractice law

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