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Why Lateral Career Moves Are Actually Power Moves

Lateral career moves can be power moves just as much as taking a step down the ladder. For many in-house counsel, lateral moves can also involve a move from the legal to business side, which for some can be an … Continue reading

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"Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Platform Is Actually a Restaurant Countertop/Dude, people need to eat food off of those!"

Headline at Eater.The phenomenon has even spawned its own parody Twitter account, Beto Standing On Counters, with the tagline “Standing on Counters and other assorted furniture til ‘20.”It's viral. Example:Beto vs. the dog I took care of this weekend pic.twitter.com/TF3ivBJF63— … Continue reading

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"[T]he hallmark of fanatical centrism is the determination to see America’s left and right as equally extreme, no matter what they actually propose."

"Thus, throughout the Obama years, centrists called for political leaders who would address their debt concerns with an approach that combined spending cuts with revenue increases, offer a market-based health care plan and invest in infrastructure, somehow never managing to … Continue reading

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Why ‘No Hate Here’ signs are actually pretty hateful

Someone came up with the label “virtue signaling” to describe the psychological impulse behind these signs. The idea is that people who put them up want to tell you how noble they are. But that doesn’t sound right. Virtue-signalers aren’t … Continue reading

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How Often Does the Supreme Court Actually Apply Chevron?

Ten years ago, William Eskridge and Lauren Baer revolutionized the legal discourse surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court’s application of Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council. According to Eskridge and Baer’s empirical study, Chevron’s famous two-step framework—with its reigning status as … Continue reading

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