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SEC Proposes to Revise the Accelerated and Large Accelerated Filer Definitions

The SEC proposed amendments that would revise the definitions of “accelerated filer” and “large accelerated filer.” These proposed revisions follow amendments adopted by the SEC on June 28, 2018, that expanded the smaller reporting company (SRC) definition and so brought … Continue reading

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How to Get Into Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition After a DUI

The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program is a special pretrial intervention program in Pennsylvania for nonviolent offenders and those convicted of their first offense of driving under the influence (DUI). This is a unique program to the state only for … Continue reading

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Webinar on Patent Prosecution Highway and Other Accelerated Filing Options

Strafford will be offering a webinar entitled "Navigating the Patent Prosecution Highway and Other Accelerated Filing Options — Evaluating the Different Options, Weighing the Benefits and Risks, Obtaining Patent Protection" on August 21, 2018 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (EDT). … Continue reading

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The Retention Effects of Unvested Equity: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting

Posted by Torsten Jochem (University of Amsterdam), Tomislav Ladika (University of Amsterdam), Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), on Saturday, March 3, 2018 Editor's Note: Torsten Jochem is Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Amsterdam; Tomislav Ladika is Assistant … Continue reading

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Stock Options: you think you got 'em, but is your accelerated vesting provision enough protection?

Stock options can be the most valuable component of an executive's employment contract. A stock option allows the option holder to buy stock in the future at a pre-determined price, or strike price. For example, if an executive is granted … Continue reading

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