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10 facts about Americans and Facebook

Pew FactTank – “Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes made headlines this month when he argued that the tech giant he helped establish 15 years ago has become a “monopoly” and should be broken up. Democratic presidential candidates have also weighed in, … Continue reading

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William’s World: An Essay About the History of Just Price

William Boyd, Just Price, Public Utility, and the Long History of Economic Regulation in America, 35 Yale J. Reg. 721 (2018). Felix Mormann Reading Professor William Boyd’s fine piece, Just Price, Public Utility, and the Long History of Economic Regulation … Continue reading

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EFF and Public Knowledge File Lawsuit Against USTR demanding Information about the Secret IP Enforce

U.S. Trade Office Withholds Documents on Secret IP Enforcement Treaty – Public Kept in the Dark About Serious Civil Liberties and Privacy Issues — “ACTA raises serious concerns for citizens civil liberties and privacy rights,” said EFF International Policy Director … Continue reading

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AmEx had no duty to update investors about contract negotiations

By Anne Sherry, J.D. The Second Circuit agreed with a district court that American Express did not violate the securities laws by making—or failing to update—certain statements about its relationship with Costco. After AmEx ended its co-branding agreement with Costco … Continue reading

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Misc – talking about Fitness, new section 21 notice, and leasehold shenanigans

This will be a busy few weeks for me on the Homes(Fitness for Human Habitation) Act. On the off chance that anyone wants to hear and question me and others on the Act, here are some dates and details: 15 … Continue reading

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