Sweet! (or not?): cookie-shaped cushions without trade mark owner's permission

Pan di StelleAre you familiar with cookies like Pan di Stelle, Galletti, Abbracci, or Ringo? If you are Italian or have lived in Italy you surely are, but also if your favourite supermarket stores Italian products it is most likely that you have tried these extremely popular sweet products once … or many times.While reading the blogof specialist IP law firm Martini Manna, I learned about a ‘yummy’ case concerning indeed the aforementioned cookies and … cushions shaped like them!In a decision issued a few weeks ago (sentenza 830/2018), the Court of First Instance of Milan (Tribunale) tackled whether Barilla could oppose the making and marketing of cushions by the defendant shaped like the former’s famous cookies.Unsurprisingly, the Court ruled in favour of the claimant. But on what grounds did it achieve this decision?BackgroundBarilla owns a number of EU and Italian trade marks, as well as a number of distinctive (unregistered) signs…

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