Swedish patent case-law and 2018 patent highlights

The Swedish Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (SFIR) had its yearly big event –“The case-law day”– on the 17th of January, in Stockholm, Sweden. This gathering  is a forum where the most important case law from the Swedish courts (as well as from the CJEU, EPO and EUIPO) from the previous year are presented and discussed. The day is divided in several sessions, each  one concerning a distinct intellectual property right (check the website for the presentations, unfortunately in Swedish www.sfir.se).photo from previous SFIR conferenceIn the patent session  (presented by lawyer Peter Sande), two cases were in focus–, the 2018-01-31, PMT 2097-15 och PMT 6191-17 Actavis ./. Eli Lilly case and the 2018-11-16, PMT 1387-16 Alfa Laval ./. SWEP case. The Actavis ./. Eli Lilly case The Actavis ./. Eli Lilly case concerned the principle of equivalence. The Swedish Patent and Market Court applied the principles set out  in an earlier…

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