Surgeon Sues Co-Surgeon After Career-Ending Injury in Maryland Negligence Case

Accidents involving power tools or other dangerous equipment may result in serious and life-altering injuries.  In a February 19, 2019 case, the plaintiff brought a Maryland negligence claim against the defendant after suffering an injury that ended his career as a surgeon.  Following an eight-day trial, the jury found that the defendant was not negligent.  The plaintiff appealed to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. The plaintiff and defendant were both orthopedic surgeons at the same hospital.  The accident occurred during a bilateral knee replacement surgery, in which the plaintiff was operating on the patient’s left knee, while the defendant simultaneously operated on the patient’s right knee.  During the procedure, a surgical technician handed the defendant a loaded pin driver in order to place a pin into the patient’s bone.  As the defendant brought the pin driver forward, it made contact with the plaintiff’s left…

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