Surge of Pedestrian Deaths Sparks Demands for New Safety Methods

From 2009 to 2016 (the last full year of analyzed data), the number of pedestrian deaths in the United States spiked 46 percent.  During that time, 5,987 people lost their lives in pedestrian accidents and tens of thousands of others were injured.  In Tennessee, this same trend can be seen:  2013 – 1,343 pedestrian accidents 2014 – 1,404 pedestrian accidents 2015 – 1,580 pedestrian accidents 2016 – 1,635 pedestrian accidents 2017 – 1,699 pedestrian accidents In response, the National Transportation Board proposed a number of safety measures to combat the rising problem.  First, the NTSB has proposed vehicle safety improvements including softer bumpers and improved headlights, pedestrian-detection systems and braking systems.  Second, the NTSB seeks to improve infrastructure to reduce pedestrian accidents including increasing the number of medians and sidewalks in addition to lane reductions.  Enhanced lighting and…

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