Supreme Court issues slightly modified opinion in Ex-Parte: Carter

On April 11, 2018 the Supreme Court issued a slightly modified opinion of its March 21, 2018 decision in Ex-Parte: Carter. It appears to have made three minor changes that do not affect the general ruling. First, it adds a footnote indicating that “the Carters were sent an email in the morning of December 15, 2014, advising them of the adoption hearing later that day.” Second, it expands the discussion of the court proceeding at the Adoptive Parents’ motion to dismiss the Carters’ action to set aside their adoption consents. From this new opinion it appears that the family court judge at that hearing provided the Carters the exact opposite advice that they were provided when the filed an action to intervene in the adoption case. Finally, it adds a footnote allowing any judge to hear the remanded petition.

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