Super Lawyers Selectees Stories Win National Journalism Awards

Seven. That's the tally so far this year for Super Lawyers at annual Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) award ceremonies around the country. Feature stories from the Thomson Reuters legal publication have won three first-place awards, two second-places, and one third-place honor-with one announced winner, in Florida, yet to be determined. Several more contests are still up in the air. It's been a good year. But without your excellent legal work as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars selectees, we wouldn't have award-winning stories to tell. So thank you for letting share your experiences with the world. Top of the Rockies Clean Sweep At the Top of the Rockies' competition, which includes competition from four states-Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming-Super Lawyers entered three stories and wound up sweeping the Legal Reporting category: The Force of Nature and the Steadying Hand: A feature profile on criminal defense attorneys Iris Eytan and Dru…

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