Summer Access to Lexis, Bloomberg Law, and Westlaw

For Lexis Advance & Bloomberg Law, students may use their academic accounts all summer for any ethical purpose, including all summer job related-research at law firms or government agencies, externships (paid or unpaid), research assistant assignments, course work, or law review-related research. If you are a current student or faculty member and don't have a Bloomberg Law account yet, you can register at this web page. You do not need any activation code, but you must use your email address when you register. For Westlaw students may use their academic accounts over the summer for noncommercial research.  Examples of permissible uses of your academic account include: summer coursework, research assistant assignments, law review or journal research, moot court research, non-profit work, clinical work, and most externships sponsored by the school (where student is receiving course credit and is unpaid). Westlaw does not permit students working in…

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