Study Shows that Online Reviews Might Impact Local Rankings

Recent research has revealed that your law firm’s online reviews might have impact on your place in local search rankings. Local SEO: A Refresher Recall that search engines use data from each individual searcher to create a results page that are unique, adapting to satisfy a user’s intent as accurately as possible. In concrete English, this means that, every time you search for something online, Google and other search engines make note of, collect, and use as much information as they can on the following issues: Your location while conducting the search Your past internet history, including what you have searched for and what websites you have clicked through to, on the search engine results page (SERP) Your age Your gender What type of device you’re using, including whether it’s a mobile phone or desktop computer There are plenty of other topics that search engines pay attention to, but we’re focused on the first one: Your location. By noting…

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