Study: Lawyers Rank Highest on Loneliness Scale

The loneliness scale, yes, it is a real thing. And apparently lawyers rank highest on this scale which, like the bathroom scale, is not usually the result sought. But maybe this doesn’t affect all types of lawyers equally. And if where you are working is affecting you negatively, why not go someplace better? “Law practice may be the loneliest profession. Lawyers outranked other professionals on a “loneliness scale” in a survey of more than 1,600 workers, the Washington Post reports….The study found that higher education may be a contributing factor. Graduate degree holders were more lonely and had less workplace support than people with only undergraduate or high school degrees. Holders of professional degrees in law and medicine were the loneliest—25 percent lonelier than people with bachelor’s degrees, and 20 percent lonelier than those with PhDs.” Read: Lawyers rank highest on ‘loneliness scale,’ study finds at ABA…

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