[Stewart Baker] Russia’s Successful Search for Deterrence on the Cheap

Episode 246 of the Cyberlaw PodcastBrazen Russian intrusions into the US electricity grid lead our episode. I ask Matthew Heiman and Nick Weaver whether Russia intended for us to know about their intrusions (duh, yes!) and how we should respond to the implicit threat to leave Americans freezing in the dark. Their answers and mine show creativity if not exactly sobriety. In what may be good news about emerging European sobriety, Google gets a favorable opinion from the advocate general to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the question of whether to extend Europe's "right to be forgotten" censorship regime to benighted Americans, and Turks, and Russians, and Chinese. Most of those countries would be glad to impose their censorship regime on Europeans, consideration of which may be enough to overcome the America Derangement Syndrome the ECJ has displayed in earlier tech privacy cases. DHS was right, and EFF was wrong. That's the lesson Maury Shenk, Nick,…

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