Statistics Canada Report on Violence Involving Same-Sex Intimate Partners

Statistics Canada yesterday released a report on Police-reported violence involving same-sex intimate partners in Canada: "There were 651,484 police-reported incidents of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Canada from 2009 to 2017. Approximately 3% of these incidents involved same-sex intimate partners.""Males accounted for a greater proportion of victims of same-sex IPV, with more than half (55%) of police-reported incidents of same-sex IPV involving male partners. In contrast, women were overrepresented as victims of police-reported opposite-sex IPV (82% of all opposite-sex IPV victims from 2009 to 2017) (…)""Research has shown that victims of same-sex IPV face unique barriers that may affect whether they report their victimization to police or seek help. Some of these barriers include fear of self-disclosure, uncertainties about other people's homophobic reactions, and prior experiences of discrimination or harassment. The analysis of violent…

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