State Senator from Coweta Will Head up Study on Obtaining Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Increasing numbers of U.S. states have legalized marijuana, either for recreational or medical use. Most cannabis products remain illegal in Georgia. However, a study on the feasibility of obtaining cannabis for medical purposes is underway in the state. Recently the Newnan Times-Herald reported Coweta State Sen. Matt Brass was named co-chairman of the Joint Study Committee on Low THC Medical Oil Access. The committee was set up via legislation that Brass, R-Newnan, shepherded through the Georgia Senate. It is looking at identifying ways to provide people with medical access to medical cannabis oil. Obtaining Cannabis for Medical Purposes May Become Easier The cannabis would only be available to Georgians who have state-issued cards allowing them to possess the oil. Other forms of marijuana would not be permitted. A report in Vox noted recreational marijuana is now legal in nine states and Washington D.C. However, 44 states, including Georgia, have legalized medical marijuana…

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