State Legislators Seek to Eliminate Driver Surcharges

Texas state legislators have introduced companion legislation in the state Senate and House to abolish the Driver Responsibility Program, which imposes significant driver surcharges related to traffic violations that drivers often cannot afford to pay. Drivers who fail to pay the required surcharges have their licenses suspended after 105 days of non-payment. State Legislators Seek to Eliminate Driver SurchargesRepeal of the Driver Responsibility Program leaves a $144 million loss in funding for the state’s trauma hospitals. These bills suggest some different funding options for trauma hospitals, which currently are supposed to be funded by driver surcharges. More specifically, the bills would seek funding for trauma hospitals in the following ways: Increases automobile insurance policy fees by $2.00, 60% of which would go to trauma hospitalsDiverts funds from a vehicle registration feeIncreases state portion of some traffic fines from $30 to $50 and decreases…

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