St. Louis County Doctor Pleads Guilty to Obstructing FBI Investigation When He Responded to Subpoena Requesting Medical Records

One way for the government to build a case against someone is by issuing a subpoena for records and seeing whether the business or person responding produces record that are false or misleading. This allows the government to not have to prove fraud or other criminal acts.On July 13, 2018, Dr. Vidal Sheen of St. Louis County, Missouri pled guilty to obstructing an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) regarding whether he billed the Medicare program and private insurers for “face to face” office visits performed on dates when he was actually traveling outside of Missouri, and sometimes traveling outside of the United States.According to his plea agreement, Dr. Sheen operated a medical office in St. Louis County, Missouri.  At the medical office, Dr. Sheen created medical records using a template that  recited patients’ symptoms and histories, and sometimes recorded vital signs (e.g. pulse rates) that did not change…

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