Sprinting towards success

Building a successful career is a marathon. It takes place over time, not overnight. And, as professionals, we’re comfortable with that because we don’t like making mistakes. We don’t like it when things get messy. So we take our time. We plan, we put one foot in front of another, and we stroll towards the finish line. Ironically, it is the pedantic nature of that slow and steady process that often creates the mess we’re trying to avoid. When you go slowly, carefully, planning to avoid mistakes instead of planning to make something happen, it’s easy to get stuck in the mud. Slow is painful. You feel the sting of rejection. You get discouraged by poor or nonexistent results. It’s harder to try again. Or try the next thing on your list. Speaking of lists, if you have a dozen things you want to do to build your practice over the next year, instead of doing one each month as you might ordinarily be inclined to do, my advice is to do them all this…

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