Springtime Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey

It’s time to rev up those engines again! It’s motorcycle season in the Garden State. As great as taking your bike for a ride sounds right now, there are some important facts you need to know about motorcycle accidents and what could cause them to happen in the first place. What You Should Know About NJ Motorcycle Accidents New Jersey has some of the most ideal roads for taking a cruise on your motorcycle in the spring. However, motorcyclists are the most prone to accidents when it comes to those that occur on the state’s roadways. Due to the lack of safety restraints such as seatbelts and their small size compared to automobiles and commercial trucks, motorcyclists account for a large percentage of serious injuries and fatalities that result from motor vehicle accidents. Did you know motorcycle accidents in New Jersey are treated differently than other kinds of accidents? Motorcyclists are required to have motorcycle insurance on them while riding. Because of…

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