Spring Drinks, Bill Barr, Bruce Lee

  All guests must drink on Cinco de Mayo. I loathe Cinco de Mayo cocktails. They are generally ill-conceived and ill-prepared. But, if you insist, here is a set of recipes from Cowboys and Indians — I don’t name ’em, I just report ’em — and from the Houston Chronicle. For a step up, here are a recipes for Spring and Summer cocktails from Forbes, Refinery29, Marie Claire, and Fatherly that are worth reading (especially the bourbon cocktails in Fatherly).   Trial suit. Bitterness reflects much white-collar work. This article from Town & Country about Aperol is worth reading: The Best Aperol Cocktails to Sip Al Fresco. Recent footage of the Attorney General and Congress reminds one of vintage Bruce Lee and Chuck Connors in Return of the Dragon (1972): Here is what I told Law360: “From the target’s side, the end of an investigation can often feel like being ghosted, said defense attorney Jack Sharman of…

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