Spanish Supreme Court puts an end to a “sui generis” case concerning database “sui generis” right

(Probably) *Not* a database right-inspired bandThe Database Directive has been around for a while, yet it is arguable that one of its crucial aspects, this being the sui generis (database) right, has remained somewhat ambiguous.Katfriend David Serras Pereira (SPAutores) reports on a recent SPanish decision concerning indeed the sui generis right.Here’s what David writes:“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….The Database Directive was adopted in March 1996, and not so often we hear of national landmark decisions based on the national laws implementing the Directive, giving us clues on the best practices and guidance when dealing with databases cases.Quoting the IPKat’s last post (Technomed v Bluecrest) covering national “newsfeed” on this topic (here) “Database right is an infrequent visitor to the IPKat's pages”! Now, again, two medical industry players, offer reasons to highlight it again!How many times as…

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