Spaced repetition: A technology to learn far more with less effort

After more than a decade of life on the professor-side of the podium, I still recall how difficult it is be a law student.  I remember being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information I was expected to know: elements of crimes, hearsay exceptions, UCC sections, and the holdings of endless con law cases. Adding to the tension was the need to be able to retain it all, and be able to spit it out, on the spot, when cold-called in class. Twice a year, I remember the stress of cramming hundreds of pages of outlines and briefs before exams.  Then came the bar. Oof. I think the lives of law students are so challenging, in part, because memorization in the context of law school doesn’t mean being “familiar with” or “approximating” a information.  It means knowing language verbatim, and being able to reel it off accurately (often under pressure).  A single punctuation mark can – and has – changed the meaning of case…

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