South Carolina Will and Trust Disputes

Will and trust disputes can happen due to poor drafting, fraud, or many other reasons. If you have a will contest or trust dispute case, you should consult an estate planning attorney for legal assistance. Will Contests Wills can be contested for various reasons. However, they can’t be contested simply because a family member was disinherited or doesn’t like the inheritance they received. There will need to be a basis for declaring the will legally invalid, such as: Fraud Undue influence Forged documents or signatures Lack of mental capacity Some situations are more likely to result in a will contest, such as when one child is disinherited or a non-relative receives a large inheritance. The disinherited individuals can bring a will contest seeking to have the will invalidated upon the grounds listed above. You’ll need evidence to support these claims. If proven correct, the decedent’s assets may be passed under the terms of a prior will are under South…

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