South Carolina Construction Disputes

Construction disputes can arise whenever a homeowner or developer is unhappy with a work done by the builder. These disputes may be based on several different legal theories, including negligence, breach of contract, or failure to complete the construction in a workmanlike manner. Contact a civil litigation attorney to discuss your potential remedies and how to resolve your construction dispute. Resolving Issues Before Litigation You may be required to ask the builder to fix the issue before you can go to court in some cases. This option is often more cost-efficient for everyone if the builder is willing and able to fix the problem. You’ll need to give written notice to the builder and allow them 30 days to respond or fix the problem. If they don’t respond or deny responsibility for fixing things, you then have the option to file a construction defect lawsuit. Construction Defect Lawsuits Builders are required to complete work in a workmanlike manner. This means…

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