Sound Advice: Putting your first year law school exams in perspective (podcast)

I felt old last week when I had a conversation with a good friend whose daughter is studying for her first semester law school exams.  But it is not really that long ago that I was doing the same. The sense of dread, but excitement or maybe nervous energy, the accompanying fatigue, irritability (ask your non-law school friends or family if you think otherwise), that kind of sick feeling in your stomach when you’ve not had enough to eat and too much coffee.  My go-to was a pack of hot chocolate mix, but instead of using water or milk, I’d use coffee.  I remember it all very well. Your first exams are important.  There is no getting around that.  And you should obviously take them seriously and do the work needed to have your best chance at succeeding.  Along those lines, I did a podcast discussing how to suppress your fight-or-flight response in times of extreme stress, like exams. In that podcast, I spoke with Matt McCusker of Convince,…

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