Sorry honey, mommy’s busy: How to survive law school with children

Law school is stressful by pure design alone.  The strenuous course schedule and endless reading assignments, learning and reprogramming your brain to think like a lawyer are the challenges most law students face in addition to outside pressures. These outside pressures may include romantic relationships, financial struggles, and the like. However, there is one particular group of law students who are often not mentioned during discussions of time and stress management: parents. The average age of an entering law student is 23 to 24 years old. However, a significant number of new law students are non-traditional students. Non-traditional students are those students who have spent a considerable amount of time in the workforce before applying and attending law school or are significantly over the age of the median 1L class age. Some also consider students with children to fall into this category of a nontraditional student as well. Knowing the stress of law school for the…

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