Some of the penalties that your DUI Attorney should defend you against

given the strict penalties associated with DUI charges in the United States, having an experienced DUI attorney to represent you, is very important. driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is a statutory offense termed as a DUI. the accredited skills of a lawyer well versed in defending against the penalties of such offenses is required given the hundreds of DUI offenses committed every year. Any driver caught by local authorities for this infraction, must be subjected to an alcohol test. when the levels of alcohol found in the body of a driver is beyond a standardized measure, they are said to be driving under the influence. to support charges against drivers to avoid arbitrarily determining if a driver is under the influence, the blood alcohol concentration metric is used as the legal metric for statutory DUI – driving under the influence offenses. In the United States, the legal limit for drivers is 0.08 percent; meaning the maximum amount of alcohol permissible in the driver’s blood should not exceed 0.08 percent. BAC, or blood alcohol concentration metric, is expressed as a percentage of alcohol detected in the blood and is used all over the world to rate levels of intoxication.

penalties on DUI offenses are enforced throughout many of the states and can be very strict; fight for some leniency on your sentencing is what a reputable DUI attorney can offer you, if not win your case. This however is great influenced by individual circumstances and the nature of your case. Penalties can range from jail time, driving license revocation or suspension for up to 6 months, higher auto insurance premiums, possible installation of an ignition interlock – a device which measures the Blood Alcohol levels of the vehicles driver before permitting an engine start, or a combination of many of those mentioned among many other penalties. a credible DUI attorney can try to prevent jail time and permanent criminal records which are perhaps the most severe penalties. Severity of the mentioned penalties can range from state to state and are also influenced by certain factors. Factors taken into consideration by authorities include whether someone was severely injured or killed as a result of the drivers impaired driving, whether an accident occurred as a result of the driver being impaired, whether a child was on board, whether public or private property was damaged/destroyed, whether the infraction was the driver’s first such offense, whether the driver was legal age to be driving as well as drinking, and the like. All this factors contribute towards building a case against you. A skilled DUI attorney needs to be able to foresee the role that such factors will play in your case and build a defense against them. Though there is little that can be done about a license revocation or rise in your insurance premium, if your DUI attorney is successful they may be able to lower the severity of your sentencing if convicted. This may allow you to serve alternative sentences house arrests, installation of electronic monitoring devices, enrollment in an alcohol rehabilitation program, work furlough, among other options.

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