Social Security Disability Benefits: How Long Does It Take for a Decision to Be Made?

When you are ill or injured and unable to work, every week that goes by without a paycheck can be difficult and life-altering.  As such, many people who file for Social Security Disability Benefits are anxious to move through the application process as fast as possible in order to get a quick resolution of their claim. Unfortunately, the Social Security Disability approval process can drag on for years, leaving injured and disabled workers in limbo until their benefits are approved. There is simply no way to predict how long your case will take, as the government is not bound by any deadlines for processing disability applications. Likewise, most Social Security Disability cases end up getting denied on the initial application and the first appeal and require an appeal to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in order to successfully obtain benefits. Again, this process can take years, depending on a variety of factors including the number of cases pending before the hearing…

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