Sobering News of Fraud in the Addiction Treatment Industry

The opioid epidemic has exacted an immeasurable cost on our country in both human and financial costs. It has also given rise to a new type of health care scam in America – addiction treatment fraud. Unscrupulous operators of drug treatment centers and sober homes are preying on people in desperate need of drug treatment services while also defrauding American taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars annually. The Patient-Broker Scam An FBI investigation earlier this year uncovered a scheme in Western Pennsylvania that is almost certainly taking place in other parts of the country. The scam begins with a middleman known as “patient-broker,” who sets up an 800 number and posts internet advertisements for addiction treatment. Once an unwitting victim is snared, the patient-broker offers to fly the person to a sober home, oftentimes in Florida, free of charge. The sober home often turns out to be nothing more than an unregulated group home where patients…

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