Slip and Fall Incidents Can Lead to Concussions

It seems like a weekly occurrence, but our beautiful state is under siege from yet another significant snow storm. We cannot stress enough how serious this type of weather can be, especially for your well-being. Snowstorms can cause school closures, power outages, and car accidents when the roads get slick. But, slip and fall injuries tend to get overlooked. Why? Because they aren’t news headline grabbers, but they should be. Slip and fall injuries don’t affect large groups of people in most cases. Usually, it involves one person who suffered only minor injuries. With all of this snow eventually turning into ice after it begins to melt, New Jersey residents should be on the lookout for slick spots with every step they take. Slipping on the snow and ice can cause an assortment of injuries with varying ranges of severity. These injuries can include: Bruises, bumps, and cuts Soft tissue injuries, sprains, and ligament/tendon tears Head injuries Broken bones Spinal cord…

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