Slate: Protests Are "Anti-Democracy"

Too funny: [The Occupy protests] are similar in their lack of focus, in their inchoate nature, and above all in their refusal to engage with existing democratic institutions. In New York, marchers chanted, "This is what democracy looks like," but, actually, this isn't what democracy looks like. This is what freedom of speech looks like. Democracy looks a lot more boring. Democracy requires institutions, elections, political parties, rules, laws, a judiciary, and many unglamorous, time-consuming activities, none of which are nearly as much fun as camping out in front of St. Paul's cathedral or chanting slogans on the Rue St. Martin in Paris. Much more democratic to chant slogans at a campaign rally. There is a reason people don't read Slate anymore (I got this from Greenwald.) The stupidity is breathtaking. Dumber than Scarborough. Speaking for me only

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